Wild Shots was founded in 2012, and is South Africa’s premier annual wildlife photography conference.

Wildlife photography is hugely popular in South Africa, and Wild Shots provides the first centralised event of its kind, bringing together amateurs and professionals alike, to learn from, and be inspired by, the best in the business. Wild Shots is now Africa’s foremost gathering of top wildlife photographers, where the power of photography to educate, inspire and conserve is discussed.

Wild Shots has also launched an Outreach Programme which inspires and educates under-privileged children from Government schools in the art of wildlife photography and its impact on conservation. These students will now be brought through to the Wild Shots events and an exhibition of their photographic work launched to showcase the best images and stories behind the images.

All speakers at Wild Shots are offered the opportunity to sell their books tours and workshops at the trade show. It should be noted that we do not pay speakers’ fees, and are not in a position to support travel costs, except in exceptional circumstances. The symposium’s aim is to explore how wildlife photography promotes a greater public appreciation of biodiversity and nature conservation in Africa. Wild Shots plays host to world class nature photographers and industry practitioners, who present their work and inspire the audience through seminars, workshops and discussions. The one-day event is very much about storytelling and inspiration, with an underlying conservation ethos – rather than a technical conference per se. After 4 successful years in Cape Town, the event now also takes place in Johannesburg.

The event was co-founded by Harriet Nimmo and Sophie Dandridge:

During her time as CEO of Wildscreen, Harriet Nimmo was responsible for developing Arkive and founding WildPhotos in the UK. Harriet Nimmo has considerable understanding of the nature photography industry, its issues and interests, and a unique network of contacts with the world’s top wildlife photographers.

As founder of NHU Africa, its WildTalk film Festival, and bringing the BBC WPOY exhibition to South Africa – Sophie Dandridge also has very valuable networks and considerable expertise in delivering professional, high profile, world class wildlife media events.