Cape Town Programme 2016 - Saturday October 29th

09.00 Welcome by Harriet Nimmo and Sophie Dandridge, Co-founders Wild Shots

09.05 Introduction by the Host for the day, Brandon de Kock

09.15  Getting Started: My early inspiration, my big break, my first sale:

                                       Jonathan and Angie Scott (Kenya)

                                      Joris van Alphen (Netherlands)

                                     Heinrich van den Berg (South Africa)

10.00 Scott Ramsay: Wilderness Matters – thoughts from 5 years in the wild

10.25                              Coffee/tea break and exhibition area

10.55 Anton Crone: People on the Periphery – photographing the human side of the      wild

11.15  Nelis Wolmarans: A Time with Giants – adventures with mountain gorillas

11.35 Nyenge Kazingizi (Zimbabwe): Zimbabwe in Focus – an insider’s guide

11.55 Joris Van Alphen (Neth’ds) The Visual Narrative – fighting for False Bay’s fish

12.20                             Lunch, exhibition area and book signings

13.20 Mike Kendrick: Wild Shots Outreach – never work with children or animals! 

13.45 Anna-Mart Kruger (Namibia): Starting Out – turning our hobby into a business,

14.05 Peter Corbett: Landscapes – harmonizing creative vision with printing excellence

14.25 Bonne de Bod and Susan Scott: Shooting Undercover – investigating the rhino poaching crisis

14.50                          Coffee/tea break and exhibition area

15.20 Karin Schermbrucker: Through my lens – my life as a photojournalist

15.40 Andrew Aveley: Black and White – the art of exposure

16.00 Jonathan and Angie Scott (Kenya): Documenting Sacred Nature: Life’s Eternal Dance

16.45 Thank you and close by Brandon de Kock

17.00 – 18.00 Bouchard Finlayson wine reception