Cape Town Programme 2019 - Saturday 2nd November

09.00    A few words from Wild Shots founders, Harriet Nimmo & Sophie Dandridge
09.05    Welcome by Anthony Nicklin, Manager of the Hans Hoheisen Trust
09.10    Introduction by the host for the day, Brandon de Kock
09.15    Avoid the Traps – five mistakes even the pros make! Villiers Steyn
09.35    Getting to know your subject – intimate experiences with great white sharks                                                                                                                                       Chris Fallows
09.55   Photo Tales – The art of visual storytelling Heinrich van den Berg
10.15    Moving Pictures – photos and film from Wild Shots Outreach Mike Kendrick
10.35                   Coffee/tea break and exhibition area
11.05    Capturing the Kings of Kafue – my Zambian story Isaac Kalio (Zambia)
11.25    Done with mirrors – the pros and cons of going mirrorless Robbie Aspeling
11.45    Aerial Art – a journey of discovery Jay Roode
12.05    The Last Elephants – tourism, the ultimate conservator? Colin Bell
12.30                  Lunch, exhibition area and book signings
13.45    From Blurry to Fine Focus – my journey to becoming a pro photo guide
                                                                                       Aubrey Tseleng (Botswana)      14.05   Going to the dogs – when your subject takes you over Nick Dyer (UK)
14.25    Living in the Anthropocene: documenting humanity’s greatest challenge
                                                                                                                            Ian Michler
14.45    Who Dares Wins: risk taking and rewards in wildlife photography
                                                                                                 Janine Krayer (Germany)
15.05                   Coffee/tea break and exhibition area
15.40    Capturing “the soul of Africa” – winning insights by Wilderness Safaris Photo                                                                                                                                               Comp team
16.00    Eyes over Africa – how my life changed through photography Michael Poliza                                                                                                                                             (Germany)
16.50    Thank you and close by Brandon de Kock
17.00 – 18.00     Bouchard Finlayson wine reception

Please note there maybe last minutes changes to the programme, speakers and timings due to unforeseen circumstances.