Below was the lineup for the 2014 Wild Shots Photography Symposium held on 15th November.
For details of the 2014’s speakers click here.

09:00Welcome and introduction by the MC. Brandon De Kock.

09:05:  Opening Address.
Valli Moosa.

09:15Top shots – ground-breaking photos from the past 50 years of wildlife photography.
Sophie Stafford (UK)

09:45Resurrection – new interpretations of subjects that have been shot to death.
Marsel van Oosten

10:05:   An intimate view – life in the undergrowth.
Albie Venter

10:25:  Coffee break

10:50Birds in their element – top tips for bird photography.
Isak Pretorius

11:10:   Social Media for nature photographers – the fine line between sharing and spamming.
Morkel Erasmus

11:30:   Caught in the act – capturing the moment.
Bridgena Barnard

11:50:   Wild Spots – photo ID’ing the Kalahari leopards.
Matthew Schurch

12:10:   Reflection – changes in publishing.
Heinrich van den Berg

12:30:   Lunch, Exhibition space and Book signings

13:30:   A touch too much? – post-processing for natural enhancement.
Andrew Beck

13:50:   Shooting Botswana’s wildlife – the importance of photo-tourism to conservation
Alex Mazunga

14:10:   Gearing Up – do’s and don’ts preparing for a photo safari.
David Rogers

14:30:   Putting images to good use – picture power for conservation.
Neil Aldridge

14:50:   Tea Break

15:15:   Sophie Stafford (UK), former editor BBC Wildlife Magazine,
Sam Reinders, Weg/go! Magazine.

15:55:   Young eyes – new talent.
Skye Meaker

16:00:   Blood, sweat and photographic tears – capturing images of free-ranging lion in Kenya’s south rift valley.
Greg du Toit

16:40:   Weg/go! presents the winner and runners up of their 2014 Canon Cover Competition

16:50:   Thank you and close – Brandon de Kock.

17:00 – 18:00 Wine reception sponsored by Bouchard Finlayson wines.