Please note which Wild Shots event each speaker will be attending: JHB (Johannesburg, 22nd October 2016 or )CPT (Cape Town, 29th October 2016)

  • NB: Speakers may have to cancel at the last minute due to photographic demands and work commitments. Sadly Wild Shots cannot issue any refunds to delegates in these cases as this is out of our control.

Andrew Aveley (CPT)

  • "Photography for me is not looking, it's feeling. If you can't feel what you're looking at, then you're never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures. " - Don McCullin

    Based in South Africa, Andrew is a passionate and creative photographer with a wide range of diverse images and blog ramblings. His drive and passion for sharing all things photographed is why he strives to inspire and help people find their "little voice" and understand #creatingphotography.

He has received international recognition for his work and now also leads bespoke Wildlife and Landscape photographic expeditions throughout Southern Africa. Andrew also offers specialized photographic training. www.andrewaveley.co.za

Andrew Beck (JHB)

  • Very few people can tell you what their life passion is. Even fewer can tell you that what they do for a living is in fact their passion. I was very fortunate that my love for the bush and conservation took me on a journey which would not only allowed me to explore the continent which fascinates me so much, but would introduce me to another passion: Photography.

Being close to nature and literally immersing oneself in the bush, it’s inevitable that two things begin to happen: •    You become aware of the strong need for conservation and •    You develop a deep appreciation for Africa’s raw beauty. After practically growing up in the bush, I embarked on nine years of studies and research in the environmental and conservation sector, culminating in a MSc from the University Of the Witwatersrand (WITS) in Johannesburg. This was complemented by three years spent guiding and managing exclusive safari lodges in Madikwe Game Reserve, and six years arranging and hosting private guided safaris and photographic safaris. During this time I co-founded Wild-Eye, which specialises in African photographic safaris, photographic coaching and training, and equipment hire. With every guided and photographic safari I undertake, my aim is to ignite the same passion for photography and conservation in others. My understanding of wildlife behaviour helps me anticipate and create interesting and compelling photographic opportunities for guests whilst my knowledge of the bush allows me to take each and every guest on a journey far deeper than wildlife photography, exploring more of the ecological and conservation aspects of our natural world.

Peter Corbett (CPT)

  • I started taking photographs aged 16. Inspired by David Bailey, I imagined my life as a sharpshooter for Vogue. Circumstances, social and other, determined something else as a career for me; however, from then on I was never without a camera. Captivated by Ansel Adams landscapes; his iconic images irrevocably changed something inside me. Although my initial inspiration was Bailey, I found I didn’t have an intense interest in photographing things that move and talk! As the digital era surfaced in the early 90’s, specifically inkjet printing, my interest acquired new impetus as I dabbled with this fledgling technology. I moved to South Africa in 2004 to become a professional fine art photographer.

The mistake I made was to think everyone in South Africa actually understood what fine art photography was and that they (the public) would feel the same as me about my work and buy – they didn’t. It was a hard lesson, but it pushed me relentlessly over the last 10 years to improve my technique my artistic vision and my marketing skills. My real entry and subsequent success to selling my work came as a result of my dedication to my printing. This is not a story of exhibitions, awards and an incremental career – more a tortured stop start erratic progression of self-belief and obsession.

Anton Crone (JHB & CPT)

  • Previously a freelance travel journalist, then editor of Africa Geographic and now CEO of Safarious, Anton finds himself drawn to the people he meets on his travels. He looks at the camera as an olive branch, a way to connect with people of differing creeds and cultures. Through photography he tries to uphold the importance of communities that live on the periphery of Africa’s wild places.

Bonne de Bod and Susan Scott (JHB & CPT)

  • Bonné de Bod and Susan Scott immersed themselves into the rhino poaching crisis when over two years ago on a short story they did for 50|50, they realized that if they were grappling with understanding the crisis, how were ordinary South Africans going to understand it? They sold their homes, cashed in their investments and started filming STROOP. Their 6-month documentary film turned into a 2-year passion project that has taken the duo all over Southern Africa, Kenya and Asia.

FGASA field guide Bonné de Bod was grabbed by one of South Africa’s top modeling agencies while doing her BSc at the University of Pretoria.  Over the next three years she worked with some of the best photographers and she appeared in magazines, catalogues, music videos… graced billboards and worked on large international ad campaigns.  But despite her growing success in modeling, Bonné left it behind to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a 50|50 presenter!  She has now been on 50|50 for seven seasons.  She is also a special correspondent on rhino matters for SABC’s Newsroom, In 2015 Bonné won Kudu Award for Best Journalist in recognition for her passionate, balanced reporting on wildlife conservation issues. Susan Scott has been making documentary films for nearly twenty years now. After studying cinematography and editing at film school in the US, Not only has she worked with some of the best wildlife and documentary filmmakers on the planet, she has gone on to win a Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival award, three SAFTAs as well as several international awards for her editing.  In 2010 she picked up a camera and after two decades in dark cutting rooms, she now spends as much time outdoors as she can. www.sdbfilms.com

Albert Froneman (JHB)

  • Since I can remember I have been interested in nature and especially birds! My bird and wildlife images have been published extensively over the past few years. I regularly contribute to various magazines including African Birdlife as well as numerous other glossy publications, calendars and advertorial material. I have also received several local and international awards for my photography.

    We all have to start and learn somewhere how to take that perfect wildlife photograph. I started presenting workshops and leading photo safaris during 2005.

It is a wonderful experience to share knowledge, sightings and images with other keen bird and wildlife photographers. Digital imaging has also brought about the challenge and unique opportunity to process each image with specialised control and I have over time learnt the intricacies of image processing and manipulation to get the most out of that image that you captured in the field! www.wildlifephotography.co.za

Nyenge Kazingizi, Zimbabwe (CPT only)

  • Nyenge grew up in on a farm in rural Zimbabwe where he spent his youth herding goats, sheep and cattle. It is here that his love for animals and the bush began, and he was inspired to turn his passion into a profession. Nyenge has been a professional guide for the past 20 years and has a very strong bias towards conservation.
    He began his career in Kariba and included many other wilderness areas of Zimbabwe. As Nyenge’s experience grew, his interest in photography was developing. He is now based at Wilderness Safaris Ruckomechi Camp in Mana Pools.
    Nyenge wants to share his passion and learnings about photography with young guides. He is also a captivating story-teller as he narrates the history of the people around Mana Pools from generations before him.
    Nyenge’s dream is to produce a wildlife documentary.

Mike Kendrick (JHB & CPT)

  • Mike’s background is in education, specifically working with disadvantaged students. After moving to South Africa in 2011 he managed a Second Chance Matric Centre on the Cape Flats, was Director of the NPO Taurus Schools Solutions, and founded an International Academy in the Northern Cape. In recent years he’s become more involved in wildlife photography and has been published both nationally and internationally. He founded Wild Shots Educational Outreach to engage government school children with nature and conservation, and to encourage and inspire young South African photographers of the future.


Anna-Mart Kruger (JHB & CPT)

  • As medical professionals by day, Anna-Mart Kruger and Helene Wiggett developed a passion for photography during several years of traveling through Africa. They decided to share their knowledge with other photographers by organizing and hosting small and exclusive photo safaris in Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and Uganda, from which they formed their own photo safari company, iCapture Photo Safaris.
    Between juggling their medical professions, the iCapture Photo Safaris team has published 14 articles and six front page magazine images to date.

They have also done commercial work for more than 20 companies and give courses and photography workshops over the weekends. They have featured in the international “Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2016” coffee table book, Getaway Magazine and Air Namibia’s inflight magazine, “The Flamingo”. They are currently working on their first book called “Our Africa” that will be published soon. www.hawkphotography.org

Eustace Matavire, Zimbabwe (JHB only)

  • Eustace had a humble childhood growing up in rural Zimbabwe. Cameras were considered an unaffordable luxury at the time. However, he was always connected to nature and it was inevitable that he became a guide. It was here that he was fully exposed to the potential of wildlife photography.
    When Eustace joined Wilderness Safaris seven years ago, his manager at the camp in Hwange the camp noticed his keen interest in photography and gave him access to the company camera. This was the beginning of an exciting journey, one where he has soaked up every opportunity to learn and grow his talent.

Eustace believes that interpreting what occurs in nature is the duty of a guide and he is thrilled that he’s discovered a new avenue to share the wonders of the wilderness with others. He strongly believes that wildlife photography is not only the ability to freeze a moment but also serves to share important conservation ethics. He is very excited at the potential that wildlife photography will offer to future generations who he feels will encourage a deeper love for nature and conservation.

Etienne Oosthuizen (JHB)

  • Etienne Oosthuizen is a professional field guide, who started using photography as tool to document the wildlife experiences he had while on safari. After formalising his photography knowledge with a diploma in professional photography with the Photography Institute, it was only natural that he would specialize in guiding photographers.

Etienne has subsequently written the advanced photography module on wildlife photography for the Photography Institute.  His images have been published in many magazines including Getaway Travel, Ranger Rick – National Wildlife Federation magazine, National Geographic traveller and Discovery – Cathay Pacific inflight magazine. Still actively leading private photographic safaris, Etienne has now partnered with EcoTraining and has created a photographic training course to help young guides develop their own photography guiding skills. www.etienneoosthuizen.com

Scott Ramsay (JHB & CPT)

  • Scott Ramsay loves Africa's wild places. He is a photographer, writer and explorer of the continent's national parks and wilderness areas. His new book South Africa's Wildest Places is a photographic compilation of the country's 30 finest protected areas, including all 19 national parks and 11 provincial nature reserves. See www.LoveWildAfrica.com.

Karin Schermbrucker (CPT)

  • Karin is a wife, a mother and a photographer. With a passion to take photographs that change people’s perspectives and open their eyes, she spends most of her time traveling to frequently forgotten, and often hard to reach places. Karin remains passionate about taking pictures that reflect something bigger than herself.
    “The camera is my bridge - it has the capacity to cross the divide that can exist between people, cultures, classes, languages and belief systems.

In my short life so far I have had the real privilege of seeing some harsh and some very beautiful places and meeting some extraordinary people. I have learned that making an image is about taking the time to really see the person you are photographing, to hear where they come from and to be interested in where they are going.”
She believes with all her heart in the power of the image, and the potential it has to bring about change.

Jonathan and Angela Scott (JHB & CPT)

  • Jonathan and Angela Scott are award winning wildlife photographers and authors who live in Kenya. They are Canon Ambassadors and the only couple to have won the Overall Award in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition as individuals. Jonathan and Angel have written and illustrated 30 books. They have been honoured as Canon Ambassadors and members of the SanDisk Elite Team, a small group of world-renowned photographers whose work and ethos has proved an inspiration to others.

Jonathan and Angela worked on the hugely popular BBC TV series Big Cat Diary from 1996 to 2008, with Jonathan as co-presenter and Angela as Production Stills Photographer. Other international TV programmes includes Elephant Diaries, Africa Watch, Dawn to Dusk and Big Bear Diary. Jonathan and Angela are Patron’s and Ambassadors for a number of Conservation organisations including the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, the Kenya Wildlife Trust’s Mara Cheetah Project, the Colobus Organisation, Galapagos Conservation Trust, and the Bishop Simeon Trust. www.jonathanangelascott.com

Joris van Alphen (JHB & CPT)

  • Joris van Alphen is a photojournalist specializing in stories about nature and science. He is a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers and a National Geographic Explorer.

    Growing up the son of two biologists, he embarked on his first field expedition at the age of three. He went on to study biology himself, but abandoned a career in science to become a full–time photographer and filmmaker.

He has extensive experience working in remote places under challenging conditions, from camping in the canopy of a fig tree deep in the Amazon rainforest, to diving unexplored coral reefs in the northern Moluccas. Using visual storytelling, he aims to help protect ecosystems and species under threat, and promote people’s understanding of scientific research. Joris works for editorial clients as well as directly with NGOs and scientists to help them convey their work. He is based in Barcelona and originally from the Netherlands. http://jorisvanalphen.com

Nelis Wolmarans (JHB & CPT)

  • Nelis is a professional photographer, whose images have spread the pages of numerous publications across the globe. He lived and worked in Rwanda for three and a half years, based at the edge of the Volcanoes National Park. His time here was solely focused on mountain gorilla tourism and he feels very fortunate to have undertaken 33 treks to view and photograph these incredible primates. He’s gained invaluable knowledge on the treks, the Volcanoes National Park and the different Mountain Gorilla families, which call it home.

Nelis visited all 10 of the families open to tourism several times as well as the families set aside for research. This enables him to give clients extensive information on each trek, the best photographic conditions as well as intimate information on the different families themselves.